Ahuja ABA 4000 Portable Pa | 325 Watts | Active Speaker


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  • ABA-4000 has a built-in Bi-Amplifier for woofer and HF driver separately, for use in a wide variety of Professional and PA Programmes. Feature packed ABA-4000 is an ideal equipment for applications such as in Professional Music and Vocal Performances, Touring PA, Mini-Theatres, Pubs and Bars, Religious Gatherings, Stage Monitors etc.
  • 1×Balanced Mic/Line Input selectable through a push switch.
  • 1×Line Input can be used for connecting balanced MONO signal through jack or unbalanced STEREO signal source through
  • dual RCA.
  • Switchable balanced output either as a Loop through output of Input-1 or a mix output of Input-1 and 2.
  • Balanced output to link another ABA-4000 or for recording on a computer, record player.
  • 2-Way Speaker System: 30.48cm ( 12 Inch ) LF Woofer (Ø6.35cm (2.5”) Voice Coil) + Dynamic Horn (Ø4.44cm (1.75”) Voice Coil).
  • Moulded Cabinet Bi-Amp Speaker System.
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Power Output (Bi-Amp)

LF: 275w RMS at 1% THD Class H, HF: 50w RMS at 1% THD Class AB

Output Regulation

≤ 0.5dB, no load to full load at 1kHz

Input Channels

INPUT-1: MIC 20mV/3kΩ balanced, LINE: 775mV/10kΩ balanced, INPUT-2: LINE (Jack) 250mV/20kΩ balanced, RCA: 250mV (L&R)/10kΩ

Frequency Response

50-20,000Hz ±3dB

Crossover Frequency

2kHz , Filter Slope 24dB per octave

Signal to Noise Ratio


Tone Controls

Bass: ±5dB at 100Hz, Treble: ±5dB at 10kHz


a) Loop through (INPUT-1): 20mV or 775mV b) Mixed Output (1+2): 775mV/1kΩ


AC: Fuse 1×4A (T 4A L) DC: Fuse 2×6A (T 6A L)

Power Supply

AC: 220-240V 50/60 Hz

AC Power Consumption



W385 × H585 × D305 mm






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