Ahuja AT 40 Accessories | 40W | Speaker Volume Control


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  • Ahuja introduces an elegant and compact volume controller (Ahuja AT 40) for 100V line signals. It enables the user to conveniently adjust the volume of a speaker or group of speakers.
  • Attractive, aesthetically pleasing white plastic housing.
  • Simple to install against walls, partitions and panels, even after the installation wiring is complete.
  • Compatible with all Ahuja wall and ceiling speakers which have 100V line matching transformer.
  • Reliable, high wattage rotary switch has 11 selectable positions: Max, 9 attenuated positions (in 3 dB steps) & OFF.
  • Suitable for connection to speaker or speakers with power rating up to 40 Watts.
  • Ideal for hotels, office cabins, showrooms, greenrooms, etc.
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Rated Power40W
Input Voltage100V
Output PositionsMax, 9 attenuation positions in 3dB steps (-3dB to -27dB) and OFF
DimensionsW87 × H87 × D78 mm



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