Ahuja WP 225M Portable PA System with Wireless Mike, USB Player, and Battery Backup


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The Ahuja WP-225M is a portable public address (PA) system that is ideal for a variety of applications, including conferences, seminars, workshops, and outdoor events. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and set up. The WP-225M features a built-in amplifier with a maximum output of 20 watts, which is sufficient to cover a gathering of up to 100 people.

The WP-225M comes with a wireless microphone, a USB/SD player with recording facility, and AUX and mic inputs. It also has a battery backup, so you can use it even if there is no access to mains power.

Presenting compact yet power packed portable PA System for #livemusic #partyspeaker #religousgathering #yogaclasses and much more.
Fully loaded set with features like wireless mic, rechargeable battery, voice priority, echo etc.

  • A truly portable, highly versatile and attractive 20 Watts Max. PA Wireless Amplifier Set WP-225M. Ideal for various Indoor and Outdoor applications such as Small Gatherings, Presentations, Performances, Bus Tours, Classrooms etc.,
  • Supplied with Handheld wireless microphone model WM-22 or Headband microphone WM-23 available in different frequencies.
  • Built-in digital MP3 player & recorder.
  • Bluetooth facility available in WM-22 model.
  • Digital echo effects provided.
  • Wired Mic input has priority.
  • Provision for connecting one wired microphone & an AUX source like a CD player or Mixer using 3.5mm phone jack.
  • Tone control provided for adjusting the tone settings.
  • Operates on AC mains, 12V external car battery & 12V 1.2Ah internal rechargeable lead acid battery.
  • Facility for recharging a 12V 1.2Ah internal battery and 8.4V rechargeable battery for handheld transmitter.
  • 8 Ohm speaker output for connecting an external speaker.
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Audio Output 20W Max.
Input Channels Sensitivity Mic 6mV, Aux 200mV
AUX Output 400mV
Tone Controls Bass: ± 6dB at 80Hz Treble: ± 6dB at 8kHz
USB/SD Player MP3 and WMA format
Power Requirements AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz DC 12-15V Car Battery, 12V 1.2Ah Rechargeable Battery
Power Consumption AC: 35W, DC: 2A
Protection DC Fuse T 3A/250V
Wireless Receiving Mode Quartz Controlled Fixed Frequency
Wireless Range Over 20m in Free Space (Line of Sight)
Dimension W200 × H295 × D122 mm
Weight 2.60kg
RF Output Power 10mW (Max.)
Max. Modulation 45dB
Frequency Response 50-15,000Hz
Battery 1 × 9V Battery
Dimension Ø52 × L242 mm
Weight 150g (without battery)
RF Output Power 10mW (Max.)
MAX. Modulation 45dB
Frequency Response 50-15,000Hz
Battery 3V
Dimension L65 x W35 x H105 mm
Weight 90g (without battery)



Ultra Portable Speakers


Bluetooth, Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery, Inbuilt Recording, Speakers with Microphone, USB option

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