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Studiomaster DC 12.2UX Mixer (12 Channel)


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  • 12 mic / line + USB / SD card input for MP3 music playback with IR remote control.
  • Built-in Bluetooth wireless streaming from smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  • High-quality on-board delay EFX with time and repeat control.
  • 2 Aux sends / returns.
  • 1 pre & post aux sends rotary control per channel.
  • Balanced mic / line input.
  • Gain control with 3 band EQ per channel.
  • L/R pan pot, illuminated mute switch & clip LED per channel.
  • Stereo tape in / tape out and ¼” headphone out.
  • Balanced ¼” TRS L/R master output.
  • 12 segments L/R LED meter for master level output.
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Sold out!

Model DC 12.2 UX

Nominal Gain (Mic/Line) 60dB/40dB

Max Gain (Mic/Line) 76dB/56dB

Input Levels Sensitivity
Mic (Gain Min/Gain Max) -12dBu / -60dBu

Line (Gain Min /Gain Max) +8dBu / -40dBu

Input impedence
Mic Input Typically 5K Ω balanced

Line input 20K Ω (Balanced) /10K Ω (Unbalanced)

Main Output level (Nominal / Max) 0dBu (0.775V RMS) / +17dBu (5.5V RMS)

Main Output Impedance <50 Ω
Frequency Response 25Hz to 19KHz (+0/-1 dB)

Total Harmonic Distortion Better than 0.8%

Signal to Noise Ratio -76 dB

Clip indication 4 dB prior to true clip

Equalisation (Treble/Mid/Bass) ±16dB @ 10KHz/2.5KHz/100 Hz


Power Supply 150V~250V AC/50Hz

Dimensions (W x D x H in mm) 555x376x89

Net Weight (Kgs.) 8.5




Medium & Large Mixers


12 channels


Bluetooth, USB option

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