Studiomaster Orb 402 SC Mixer (4 Channel)


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  • 2 mic/line & 1 stereo input.
  • Gain with ultra low-noise preamps with wide headroom and dynamic range
  • 3-band EQ on all inputs.
  • Insert (send/return) on mono channels.
  • 2 AUX send outputs.
  • PAN/BAL (L/R), Peak (clip) LED and responsive faders.
  • Built-in multi-EFX processor with 24 DSP presets and editable parameters.
  • Provisions to route EFX to monitors via AUX 1 send.
  • USB MP3 media player & recorder with Bluetooth.
  • Dual USB audio interface with plug & play connectivity for recording and playback using a PC.
  • ¼” jack main output.
  • Stereo RCA record output.
  • ¼” headphone output with level control.
  • Globally switched +48V Phantom power supply.
  • Dual 5-segment LED meter for monitoring. 
  • Angled design, classy side cheeks and compact form factor for desktop use  
  • Ideal for musicians, podcasters, content creators, YouTubers, audio conferencing applications and more.
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ModelOrb 402 SC
Nominal Gain (Mic / Line / Stereo Line)60dB / 40dB / 20dB
Max Gain (Mic/Line/Stereo Line)80dB / 60dB / 40dB
Input Output Levels
Mic (Gain Min/Gain Max)-10dBu / -60dBu
Line (Gain Min /Gain Max)+10dBu / -40dBu
Stereo Line (Gain Min /Gain Max)+10dBu / -20dBu
Aux Return (Nominal / Max)-10dBu / +30dBu
Main Output level (Nominal / Max)0dB / +20dB
Insert In/Out (Nominal / Max)0dB / +20dB
Mic Input Impedance3 KΩ Balanced
Line Input Impedance20KΩ Balanced / 10KΩ Unbalanced
Frequency Response20Hz-20kHz (+0 / -1dB)
MIC EIN (Equivalent Input Noise)-128dB
Main Out/Group Out-80dB
MIC EIN (Equivalent Input Noise)-128dB
Dimension (W x D X H) mm274 x 285 x 90
Net Weight1.9kg
Record Out-70dB
Mono MIC (Hi / Mid / Low)±15dB @ 12kHz / 2.5kHz / 80Hz
Stereo Line (Hi / Mid / Low)±15dB @ 12kHz / 2.5kHz / 80Hz



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12 channels


Bluetooth, Inbuilt Recording, USB option

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