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Studiomaster Palladium 1842 Mixer (24 Channel)


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  • Premium 24 Input Mixer (18 Mic + 6 Stereo) with state of the art pre amps. 
  • 3 band EQ with mid-sweep on Mono Inputs, 4 band EQ on Stereo.
  • Channel inserts & direct outs on each Mono Channel.
  • Low cut switch on each Channel.
  • Line/USB selections on Stereo channel.
  • Sub group & main L-R signal assignment switches on each channel.
  • 4 Aux sends per channel: 2 Pre / Post & 2 Post.
  • High Quality 24 bit Digital EFX Processor.
  • USB Interface with playback and record.
  • Globally switched +48V phantom power.
  • 4 Group output with fader and individual inserts.
  • Separate mono output with level control.
  • Stereo playback input/rec out RCA jack.
  • Separate control room output.
  • Standard USB type lamp socket.
  • Balanced XLR & 1/4” jack master outputs.
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Model Palladium 1842

Max Gain (Mic/Line/Stereo Mic/Stereo Line) 80dB, 60dB, 70dB, 50dB

Input Levels Sensitivity
Mic (Gain Min/Gain Max) -10dB/-60dBu

Line (Gain Min /Gain Max) +10dB/-40dB

Stereo Line (Gain Min /Gain Max) +10dBu/-30dBu

Stereo Mic (Gain Min/Gain Max) -10dB/-50dB

Input impedence
Mic Input > 5KΩ

Line input > 20KΩ

Aux Return Input > 20KΩ

Tape Record Inputs > 20KΩ

Frequency Response 20Hz to 20KHz (+0/-2dB)

Total Harmonic Distortion <0.006%
Mono MIC (Treble/Mid with Sweep/Bass) ±15dB @12KHz / 100Hz to 8KHz / 80Hz

Stereo Line (Treble/Mid-Hi/Mid-Low/Bass) ±15dB @12KHz / 3KHz / 500Hz /80Hz

Phantom Supply +48V

Power Supply 150V-240V~50Hz, 60W max

Dimensions (W x D x H in mm) 695 x 455 x 115mm

Net Weight (Kgs.) 10




Premium Mixers


24 channels


USB option

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