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Studiomaster SDX-4 Sound Processor


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  • Input level controls with clip LED’s.
  • Selectable Limiter on HI out for speaker protection.
  • 3-band equalizer for all inputs and outputs.
  • Crossover filter with roll-off characteristics 24 dB/octave.
  • 1 X SUB out – male XLR, servo-balanced with level control.
  • Self illuminated X10 crossover frequency selection switch. (45Hz-900Hz & 450Hz-9KHz).
  • Left/SUM & Right Low out – male XLR, servo-balanced with individual level control.
  • Dedicated SUB out with frequency selection (80, 150,200Hz) with 24dB/oct filter and level control.
  • Left & Right HI out – male XLR, servo-balanced with individual level control.
  • Delay is converted to equivalent distance (ft) & it is displayed with 3-digit 7-segment display.
  • SUM/SUB switch – When released, Delay is assigned to SUB out, when pressed, Low outputs Left & Right are summed & routed to Left Low out and Delay is assigned to this out.
  • Delay 885ms max. Equivalent distance, 999 feet @ 27 deg C.
  • Assignable bargraph to Input, Sub out, Low & High Out levels.
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Sold out!

Model SDX 4

Input Impedance >10kΩ

Output Level / Impedance < 50Ω
Signal to Noise Ratio < -90dB
Crossover Frequency Response (Low & High) 45Hz – 90Hz & 450Hz – 9kHz

THD <0.05%
Dimensions (W x D x H) 482 x 175 x 44 (1U)

Net Weight (Kg) 2.3



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