Studiomaster SM 600XLR Wired Microphone

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The Studiomaster SM 600XLR is a high-quality dynamic wired microphone with 3 operational modes for perfect speech and vocal reproduction. Preferred choice for vocals, speech in gatherings and live performances

  • 3 operational modes for quick sound variation.
    • Low Cut: Use this mode for a quick Low roll-off. This mode reduces unwanted low frequencies &  enhances mids
    • Flat: This mode simply bypass all kind of attenuation. Use this mode for a fuller more natural tone
    • 7dB: This mode reduces the sensitivity of the microphone. Use this mode to reduce   ‘Proximity  Effect’ & unpleasant ‘Pops’
  • Extra wide frequency response  designed to suit every professional vocal applications
  • Dynamic super- cardioid pickup pattern minimizes off-axis pick-up, feedback and provides higher system gain.
  • Suspended cartridge shock-mount system, to minimize handling noise
  • Low-failure magnetic on-off switch.
  • Rugged body and dent-proof steel grill that withstands, physical shocks
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ModelSM 600XLR
Transducer TypeDynamic
Frequency Response30Hz-16kHz
Polar PatternSuper Cardioid
Sensitivity (at 1kHz)-50dB ±3dB
Nominal Impedance350 Ω
Connector3-pin XLR male
Accessories Included6.5M XLR-F to XLR-M Mic Cable, Leatherette Pouch, Mic Holder, Plastic Case.
Special Features3 operational modes:
• Low Cut Frequency: -5dB ( at 100Hz )
• Flat response
• -7dB Attenuation.



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  1. Sai Ganesh Reddy

    good quality. genuine to purhcase studiomaster.

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