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Studiomaster Vak 30 Conference System

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VaK 30.s Main Controller

  • Professional wireless conference system with two operating modes: Chairman and FIFO.
  • Highly-flexible and customizable system supporting up to 50 units.
  • NOM (Number of Open Microphones) – Supports upto 3 active units.
  • 20 UHF channels.
  • Built-in USB MP3 recorder with sequential file saving and storage.
  • Operating distance of up to 100 ft (line of sight).
  • Balanced XLR and ¼” jack audio output.
  • User-friendly interface with LCD display.
  • Easy-to-use, no operator required.
  • Quick plug-and-play installation.

Ultra Functional Operating Modes

Chairman Mode: In this mode, only the chairman can communicate. All other delegates are muted.

FIFO Mode: It is the order in which the participants enter the discussion and the order in which they are switched OFF. When a new ‘Speak’ request comes in, the first entered MIC shuts off or is muted.

Record Meetings On-the-Go!

The VaK 30 system features a built-in USB MP3 recorder to capture the proceedings of the meeting. The files are saved in a sequential order on to external flash-based storage devices (pen/thumb drives).

Now say goodbye to taking minutes of the meeting and focus only on the discussion!

VaK 30.c (Chairman) and VaK 30.d (Delegate)

  • Detachable and flexible 21” 2-bend gooseneck microphone with base.
  • High-quality microphone capsule ensures great voice reproduction.
  • LED ring on the microphone to indicate ‘Mic Active’ status.
  • IIIuminated ON/OFF talk switch.
  • LED screen displays ON/OFF status, battery level, connected MIC number, selected channel number and unit ID.
  • Priority switch on the chairman unit to override all delegates during a discussion.
  • Power up the delegate and chairman units using either batteries or the supplied adaptor.
  • Fully wireless for flexibility in fixed and mobile applications.
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VaK 30.s (Main Controller)
Frequency Range 45Hz-18kHz ±3dB

Signal to Noise Ratio >105dB

Operation Distance 60m

Output Connector 1 XLR and ¼” Jack

Power Supply DC 12V

Dimension (W x D X H) mm 482 x 225 x 44

Net Weight (Kg) 2.4

VaK 30.c (Chairman) and VaK 30.d (Delegate)
RF Power Output 15mW

Priority Button Only on the VaK 30.c Chairman unit

Bandwidth 30MHz

Power Supply_ 2 x 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries or 12V DC

Length of MIC Tube 21″ / 533mm (2 Bends)

Dimension (W x D x H) mm_ 170 x 120 x 44 (Microphone Base)

Net Weight (Kg)_ 1



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